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Global IP

                Asset Management



  • Small molecule NCEs

  • Biologics

  • Generics and biosimilars

  • Research tools and therapeutic targets

  • Biofuel and biomass derived chemicals


  • 12+ years in seed stage biotech and cleantech

  • 10+ years in global pharma (Novartis)


  • VC funds seeking in-depth, versatile and fast results

  • Start-up biotechs with complex early stage IP portfolios


...Tom cuts through minutiae to distill to pragmatic matters important for a business investment decision, allowing us to distinguish those IP-related issues which can be resolved versus the issues that are investment no-goes.

Managing Director, Corporate VC


State Bar Registration (US)

Bar Admission (Canada)

  • New York, 1995

  • Massachusetts, 1995

  • Ontario (Canada), 1994

  • British Columbia (Canada), 1998

  • US Patent and Trademark Office, 2005-2012



Professional Associations

  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)

       Dalhousie University, 1992

  • Master of Science (Biochemistry)

       Dalhousie University, 1990

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Queen's University, 1987

  • Licensing Executive Society (USA/Canada)

  • IP Institute of Canada

  • Life Sciences British Columbia

  • Algae Biomass Organization

  • Canadian Bar Association

  * Insured All Jurisdictions



  • Securing patents, protecting know-how

  • Freedom-to-operate analysis

IP due diligence, agreements and negotiations for:

  • Licensing

  • M&A

  • Financing (Equity and debt)

  • Patent avoidance/Design-around strategy

  • Multi-country IP litigation assessment

  • International trade sanctions (IP aspects)

  • Multi-country IP licensing strategy

  • Regulatory data protection for pharmaceuticals and chemicals

  • IP enforcement strategy

  • Comparative analysis of national IP systems and policies

  • Pharmaceutical life-cycle management/Generic entry planning

  • Non-practicing entity (NPE or “patent troll”) defence and strategy

  • Royalty-rate comparables for license agreements and damage/settlement calculations

Global tax and transfer-pricing (IP aspects)

  • Global structure for beneficial/legal/registered ownership of IP assets

  • Global structure for internal supply chain licensing of IP assets

  • Litigation support regarding IP ownership in transfer-pricing arrangements

  • Dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, litigation) for technology agreements

  • Portfolio cost savings and optimization



USMCA unlikely to impact drug prices in Canada

October 01, 2018

Erroneous reports are circulating in Canadian media today about the impact of the new USMCA on Canadian drug prices – apparently due to a rare error by BMO Chief Economist Doug Porter.

USMCA supports investors in biotech and pharma

October 01, 2018

Another incremental step in improving intellectual property (IP) standards should cheer investors in biotech and pharma today.

Fascinating data dump from WIPO on the global intellectual property system

January 16, 2018

Fascinating developments in global intellectual property.  Chinese inventors file more patent applications than top 5 other countries combined.  Women inventors are increasing.  And remarkable results from the Iran Patent Office.  Check it out!

The Answer: Global Tax, Pharma & IP, Part 3

November 03, 2017

The complex world of Global Tax and IP in the Pharma biz.

Shine a Light on Global Tax, Pharma and IP - Part 2

October 23, 2017

Sorry, Global Pharma Tax Managers can't take your call right now

Shine a Light on Global Tax, Pharma and IP - Part 1

October 19, 2017

Big Pharma to publish global patent-drug linkage info

October 17, 2017

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